Gonna be away for a while, got things to sort out, I will check back in with my tumblr every once in a while but for now I shall be gone.
This whole community has been amazing and I just want to thank you all for everything :)


Pithologist :)


So this motel thankfully has wifi, but now I’m having a dilemma of sorts uuugh, so basically there is a guy in my badminton team who I’ve known for years and I’ve always thought was pretty cool, and guess what HE’S ACTUALLY MY AGE!! and now over the past few days, I think I’ve started to get a crush on him and I’ve actually been thinking about pithy less, but I will never end up going out with this guy cos of reasons but he keeps doing things that make me get all flustered and start blushing, like he will always make jokes and have mini conversations with me- plus I sat next to him on the flight down here and we talked and messed around and stuff, and then today, we were having a light-hearted argument type thingy over what a certain word meant, and then he said something and then like winked at me while doing that tounge clicky thingy and oh my god I had to turn away cos I think I was gonna have a heart attack haha, but now I don’t know what to do or how do deal with it and aaaaah, I’ll be basically living with him for the next 5 days!! Ugh, please help me :( haha :)

Sooooo, I shall be going away for a week for a badminton South Island tournament YAY but this means that I may not be on tumblr, but i am hoping that perhaps the motel will have wifi, hopefully it’ll be like in supernatural and EVERYWHERE had wifi, but if not, then I will be back on Friday, unless something happens on the plane… But we shall see. GOODBYE :D

Who needs sleep? Haha :)

Who needs sleep? Haha :)

Gotta wear an “awesome” badminton jacket for a tournament today, but man does this thing itch :(

Gotta wear an “awesome” badminton jacket for a tournament today, but man does this thing itch :(

Quick-ish story from yesterday :)

When I have PE on Wednesdays with my teacher, pithy is somewhere on the other side of the school teaching another class, the one containing my spy as it would seem :) but if I get changed slow enough, or the teacher lets us out late (which happens a lot) then I can see him as I go back in the direction he came from to get to class as he goes back to his office.

But yesterday, my spies class had started the sexuality topic, and at my school, we do a sexuality road thing, and the first word on the road is: crush.

So yesterday as I slowly walked to class, I managed to see him as he walked past, but he was holding a clear folder with the words for the road inside it, but he was holding the folder to his chest and the word crush was showing out the front, and I saw it and then i was just like internally screaming cos of the whole teacher crush sorta thing.

And on a side note, pithy also had a crush on his PE teacher when he was younger :D

I only got 2 hours of sleep last night and I’m pretty sure I dozed off in maths, but oh well :) in trying really hard not to fall asleep right now haha :)

I saw pithy when I was outside my head of years office, he was delivering these book things for a collection thing I’m helping with :)

I then spent a few hours stacking books to make a wall in my head of years office, while he sat at his desk as if he couldn’t care less that his office had been destroyed :)

Then after we had finished with the books, I went to science and saw pithy both on the way there and the way back, he was walking a few metres behind me :)

Then after school at badminton, he came into the gym a few times and wandered near me when I happened to be de/stringing a racket on the floor with a very serious look on my face.

Pithy left and went home before badminton finished sadly but at least Tuesdays are more pithy-orientated haha :)

So the other day, as I was going home from badminton in my car (I wasn’t driving though, I can’t yet hahaha) we ended up behind a few cars near this crossroadish bit near the river that runs along the back entrance to my school, and as we stopped, I looked out my window to the left to see the car which was facing my side and I saw the one person I was not expecting to see, it was pithy! He was wearing his sunglasses as usual and as soon as I saw him I turned away so he wouldn’t catch me staring, but then he ended up being my car for a few minutes as we continued driving, before he turned off down a street and I kept going :( I had been spying on him through the reflection in the car mirrors though :D

Recently pithy got a new car, and although it’s pretty cool, I miss his old one, it had a cool registration plate haha :)

I think it’s probably about time to get up and have breakfast now hahaha :)

I think it’s probably about time to get up and have breakfast now hahaha :)